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TRENDnet TV-IP310PI Outdoor Day / Night IP Bullet Camera

Product Description - TRENDnet TV-IP310PI Outdoor Day/Night IP Bullet Camera The TV-IP310PI Outdoor Day/Night IP Bullet Camera from Trendnet uses a 3MP 1/3" color CMOS image sensor with a wide-angle 4mm f/1.2 lens in order to capture high-definition video at a resolution of up to 2048 x 1536 at 15 fps. The camera can also capture 1920 x 1080 full HD video at a rate of 30 fps. This network camera also features IP66-rated dust and weatherproofing, meaning it is ready to hang outdoors without worry. And, with Smart IR, you will be able to illuminate subjects up to 100&39; away using infrared lights even in total darkness. For improved image quality, this camera has Digital Noise Reduction as well as Digital Wide Dynamic Range that will help show details in high-contrast lighting situations. This bullet camera also features a sun visor to help limit flare and retain sharpness and contrast. It supports Power over Ethernet and will work with IPv6 and ONVIF protocols. Mounting hardware and computer software are included, and there are free mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Image Performance 3MP 1/3" CMOS image sensor 2048 x 1536 resolution at 15 fps or 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps 4mm f/1.2 fixed-focus lens with diagonal field of view of 89 Focuses from 7.9" to infinity H.264 or low resolution MJPEG compression options Imaging Technology Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR) provides backlight compensation for creating balanced images where bright and dark areas are in the same shot Digital noise reduction will improve image quality in low-light conditions Digitally zoom anywhere in the frame Image settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, exposure time (1/3 to 1/100,000), back light compensation, and white balance Outdoor and Day/Night Performance IP66 rated dust and weatherproofing and for outdoor use Infrared illumination with up to 100&39; range for recording video at night Smart IR will adjust the strength of infrared lights at night depending on the distance of the object in order to maintain maximum distance while still capturing a clear image when the object is close Power over Ethernet compatible Sun visor to retain image contrast and reduce flaring Optional power port for non-PoE installations Management ONVIF and IPv6 protocol support Time, date, and text overlay possible Recording to computer, NAS, CIFS/SAMBA share, or through software Advanced playback of in-camera archived video SAMBA video storage support with notification if drive is full Tamper-proof function will send an email notification if viewing field darkens suddenly Scheduled recording for continuous or motion detection as well as the ability to define motion-detection settings Alert messages sent if storage is full, if there is a storage error, and for attempted illegal logins Management interface through a web browser Can provide real-time snapshot, motion detection and tamper protection with schedule Software allows you to change and adjust settings for up to 32 TRENDnet cameras, set recording options, search and playback video, and set custom viewing modes and options Free mobile app allows for wireless remote viewing of the video from the camera, taking snapshots, and zooming Specifications Image Sensor 3 MP 1/3" CMOS Lens 4mm f/1. {more}

Brand - TRENDnet
Model - TV-IP310PI

Product Price - 148.99 $

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TRENDnet Outdoor 1.3MP PoE HD Bullet IR Network Camera Thumbnail

TRENDnet Outdoor 1.3MP PoE HD Bullet IR Network Camera

Product Description - TRENDnet Outdoor 1.3MP PoE HD Bullet IR Network Camera Capture HD video at resolution of 1280 x 960 at a rate of 30 fps with the Outdoor 1.3MP PoE HD Bullet IR Network Camera fromTRENDnet. This IP camera has a 1.3MP CMOS sensor that produces high resolution images with minimal noise in normal to low light conditions. To better suit around-the-clock surveillance needs, this fixed camera captures color video during the day, and black and white video at night within a range of up to 100&39;. For added security, this camera is powered via its wired Ethernet connection, making it a more reliable connection to the Internet than comparable Wi-Fi versions. This camera features Wide Dynamic Range technology to compensate for issues of extreme backlighting, and Digital Noise Reduction to enhance digital image processing while reducing grain and distortion. It also gives users the ability to set color, saturation, brightness, white balance, and other imaging display parameters. By connecting to an ONVIF compliant NVR or NAS, you&39;ll be able to record what this camera sees continuously, at scheduled times, or when motion is detected. Define motion sensitivity settings and event triggers to receive email alerts when motion is detected. This camera has the additional benefit of tamper detection, and will send video clip alerts via email when its ability to capture video has been impeded. For instance, if a vandal physically attempts to damage the camera by covering or spray painting the lens, you will be notified by email. With multiple video capturing modes like continuous, scheduled and motion-triggered, you can configure recording parameters to accommodate your unique surveillance needs as well as to conserve space on your NAS or NVR system. In terms of video encoding, this camera offers two formats: H.264 and MJPEG. The first format provides nearly lossless coding and greatly reduced bit rates, and is optimal for video that doesn&39;t have to be transferred at its highest quality. The second independently compresses frames for higher quality images, and takes up slightly more bandwidth. However, in comparison to other video codecs, both of these compression types significantly reduce video file size, contributing to faster uploads, saved bandwidth and storage space, and load more quickly when played back. Easily monitor your home or business with the free TRENDnetVIEW mobile app that&39;s available for iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can view live video, see thumbnails of your other connected cameras, digitally zoom in and out, and store an image of the camera stream to your mobile device. Along with this camera, mounting hardware is included to facilitate installation. Management Interface Supports English, French, German, Russian and Spanish IP address filter QoS traffic prioritization Time, date, and text overlays Image settings: brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, smart IR, exposure time (1/3 - 1/100,000), video standard, day/night switch, sensitivity, switch time, mirror, Digital Wide Dynamic Range, white balance, and Digital Noise Reduction Digital Wide Dynamic range enhances video quality in high contrast daytime lighting 3D Digital Noise Reduction enhances night vision quality by reducing grain Continuous, schedule and motion-triggered recording modes Video storage to computer, NAS, SMB/CIFS share, or through provided software Motion detection fields define custom motion detection areas, motion sensitivity, and dynamic motion analysis Define custom privacy masking zones Tamper Detection: receive email alerts if the viewing field darkens suddenly Browser video playback: advanced playback functionality with visual timeline displaying detected motion and scheduled recordings Alert messages: storage full, storage error, and illegal login Snapshot: real time snapshot, motion detection with schedule, video tamper detection with schedule Supported dynamic DNS services: and NO-IP.comManagement Setting: maximum 32 user accounts Supports remote management Compatibility: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Firefox 13.0 or higher, Safari 4.0 or higher, Chrome 24.0 or higher Weather Resistant This camera has an IP66 rating and is designed to withstand dust and rain, and harsh weather conditions. {more}

Brand - TRENDnet
Model - TV-IP320PI

Product Price - 119.99 $

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