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Dessert Cuisine by Oriol Balaguer

Product Description - Dessert Cuisine by Oriol Balaguer English text 320 pages, hardcover Features: Everything from ingredients and techniques to hundreds of recipes Illustrations throughout the book that demonstrate his techniques Full-page color photographs of the finished desserts This is a unique book that will be sought by professional pastry chefs. Contents How to Achieve a Work of Art The Five Senses of Taste Creative Freedom The Restaurant Dessert Desserts and Wine Materials: Flour; Sugar; Dairy Products; Salt; Eggs; Chocolate; Ice Cream and Sorbets; Reductions; Stocks; Optimizing Work Transition: From the Pastry Shop to the Kitchen Evolution: New Horizons Creation: Sweet Cooking on the Boil Remakes: Revolution of the Classics Cakes: Cakes in the Restaurant Caprices: Tapas, Lollipops and "Petits" No returns on books. {more}

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Montagud Editores Sous Vide Cuisine

Product Description - Sous Vide Cuisine by Joan Roca and Salvador Brugus English text 192 pages, hardcover Foreword by Wylie Dufresne Sous-Vide Cuisine is a first-class practical manual for the professional chef. It combines the artistry of the chef with the science of sous-vide. In Sous-Vide Cuisine, Roca and Brugués not only illustrate every technical aspect of sous-vide cookery, but also demonstrate the potential for creative applications in the recipes. This book will help chefs better understand and employ sous-vide as a means of improving the way they cook. Contents Introduction Low temperature cooking, mastery of an ancient technique, by Hervé This Joan, Salvador and El Celler   Chapter 1: Sous-Vide Definition and Uses: Storage, Cooking, Cuisine How Sous-Vide is Applied to Foods: Techniques and Materials Types of containers Gases Vacuum packaging equipment The vacuum sealing process Chapter 2: Sous-Vide for Food Storage Introduction How long is the shelf life of vacuum-sealed foods? Factors That Alter Foods Temperature and Sous-Vide Storage Cold Cooling equipment Heat Complementary Processes for Sous-Vide The MAP tecnique (Modified Atmosphere Packaking) Sous-vide as a complement for other traditional cooking methods Chapter 3: Sous-Vide Cooking Advantages Types of Sous-Vide Cooking Indirect cooking Direct cooking Double Cooking Complementing sous-vide with traditional cooking methods to improve the product’s final result Concept Recipe for Indirect Cooking Suckling lamb shoulder with ewe’s milk Concept Recipe for Direct Cooking Warm cod with spinach, Idiazabal cream, pine nuts and Pedro Ximénez reduction Concept Recipe for Double Cooking Foie gras with honey, citrus and vanilla-saffron infused milk Foods and Sous-Vide Cooking Chemical alterations Physiological alterations Other alterations Technical Fundamentals The oxygen free atmosphere Airtight containers and the effects of pressure The time/temperature relationship Factors that determine correct time/temperature values Cooking times for various ingredients Cooking Equipment and Thermometers Cooking equipment Thermometers Chapter 4: Sous-Vide Cuisine The Process Stages Sous-Vide Cooking Step-by-Step Fish Meats Vegetables Plan for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Organizational Benefits and Complementary Applications of Sous-Vide Cuisine Organizational benefits Complementary applications Recipes Fish Sous-Vide Meats Sous-Vide Special Sous-Vide Cooking Applications and Sous-Vide Without Cooking Desserts Sous-Vide Indexes No returns on books.   {more}

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Montagud Editores QUIQUE DACOSTA 2000 2006 English French

Product Description - Quique Dacosta by Quique Dacosta 332 pages, hardcover A new great professional book for the chef from Spain Chef Quique Dacosta, of restaurant El Poblet in Alicante Spain, offers his culinary expertise through two distinct channels: a book as well as a private website, each giving you the philosophy and cuisine of this marvelous restaurant and its chef. For the very first time Chef Quique Dacosta shares his culinary style and secrets of El Poblet. The book and video (CD included) feature the recipes, hints, comments as well as images CD and website: With the purchase of this book you will have access to a private site featuring more than 20 videos from 2000-20067 videos of approximately 6 minutes each that demonstrate the preparation of the entire recipes (1 per year) 17 additional videos of varying lengths (1-3 minutes) about products/techniques specifications/environments All the videos contain background music and, on occasion, background sounds recorded at the time...and more! Quique Dacosta Book: 90 recipes 7 introductory texts for each year between 2000 and 2006 10 concepts (products, techniques or descriptions of ecosystems) 2 additional texts, one about the environment of the Montgó Natural Park and the other regarding rice, authenticated by specialists in the field High quality, full color photos throughout the book illustrate the finished dishes and much more No returns on books.   {more}

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Montagud Editores 21st Century, The New Generation in Pastry

Product Description - 21st Century, The New Generation in Pastry by Oriol Balaguer and others 248 pages, hardcover Eight great professionals of patisserie--Oriol Balaguer, Ramon Morató, Miguel Sierra, Isaac Balaguer, Carlos Mampel, Abraham Balaguer, Abraham Palomeque and David Pallas--offer a wide spectrum of the new era of professionals, already considered masters in their field. These acclaimed pastry chefs are a perfect example of the high level of professionalism enjoyed in patisserie today and a clear demonstration of the art and technique of the new generation. The New Generation in Pastry covers a wide selection of new offerings in desserts and pastry, ranging from boutique patisserie to restaurant desserts. In The New Generation in Pastry you will find an extensive showcase of the 21st century's new European patisserie in more than 150 preparations: Tarts Frozen desserts Restaurant desserts Current visions of traditional patisserie Snacks and petits-fours Bonbons Turrones Showpieces The New Generation in Pastry is a powerful source of inspiration and a unique professional tool. No returns on books.   {more}

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Montagud Editores Cocktail Cuisine

Product Description - Cocktail Cuisine by Tony Botella 214 pages, hardcover Although this may not be the first time that miniature cuisine is presented, this is the first time a book treats the subject with the importance it deserves and a completely modern focus. Tony Botella, a great professional and researcher of gastronomy, creates small culinary treats that combine traditional and avant-garde cuisine. Cocktail Cuisine illustrates his will to break away from the traditional idea of appetizer pieces. It presents elaborate culinary delights, a full-fledged cuisine that captures seasonal flavors. Demonstrated in this book are appetizers that are fresh, light, hot or cold, liquid or solid, but most of all always perfect for turning a cocktail gala into a special event. Features such dishes as: Gorgonzola dumpling Foie bonbons with orange Spoonful of Japanese noodles and salmon roe Turkey ribs with soy caramel sauce Truffle yogurt Much more Each recipe contains step-by-step techniques and attractive full-color photographs of the final assembly. Let Cocktail Cuisine open your eyes to Tony Botella's new concept and give you the creative inspiration in the art of creating these morsels. Contents The Workshop Why Eat Standing Up? Recipe Index Foie Bonbons Shapes in Toast Tartars Glasses Bamboo Skewers Fried Morsels Stews in a Cup Spaghetti Makicanapés Ribs Additional Hors d'Oeuvres Basic Recipes Glossary No returns on books. {more}

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