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Garner Mirror Thumbnail

Garner Mirror

Product Description - The combination of a contemporary round shape paired with romantic etched glass allows this beveled mirror to suit transitional and traditional environments. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG5692-0081

Product Price - 816.00 $

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Cheltemham Venetian Mirror Thumbnail

Cheltemham Venetian Mirror

Product Description - A finely detailed border of sculptural leaves and etched glass lend Art Deco flair to this traditional beveled mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG2350-0011

Product Price - 674.00 $

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Clearfield Mirror Thumbnail

Clearfield Mirror

Product Description - Traditionally handsome, this tall classic beveled mirror is distinguished by a light Antique Silver frame with Gold and Black accents. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4024-0052

Product Price - 672.00 $

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Dewitt Mirror Thumbnail

Dewitt Mirror

Product Description - Able to be leaned against the wall or mounted, the stepped design of the wooden frame lends an air of casualness that suits Coastal or soft contemporary environments. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4012-0058

Product Price - 672.00 $

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Billings Mirror Thumbnail

Billings Mirror

Product Description - A four-level, stair step border design gives this traditional mirror contemporary flair. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW1110B-0051

Product Price - 576.00 $

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Gastonia Mirror Thumbnail

Gastonia Mirror

Product Description - The simple chic of a walnut and black frame will enhances a beveled mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4105B-0037

Product Price - 528.00 $

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Long Edwardian Inspired Mirror Thumbnail

Long Edwardian Inspired Mirror

Product Description - Elegance abounds on this tall vertical mirror in an Edwardian-inspired design composed of sectional mirror tiles. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3331-0005

Product Price - 528.00 $

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Minako Mirror Thumbnail

Minako Mirror

Product Description - A classic sun motif is handsomely updated with a textural, hand-hammered METAL FRAME frame in a rolled wave design. The pairing of two popular METAL FRAMElic finishes will complement a wide range of decors. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MM0342-0002

Product Price - 480.00 $

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Creighton Mirror Thumbnail

Creighton Mirror

Product Description - This timeless French mirror design featuring spire and curved radius clear and antique glass will bring and air of sophistication to any wall. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3725-0007

Product Price - 480.00 $

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Snowdonia Mirror Thumbnail

Snowdonia Mirror

Product Description - The multi-dimensional pattern of this visually stunning frame in a spear edge design allows the mirror to serve as functional wall art. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3706-0007

Product Price - 480.00 $

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Tiverio Mirror Thumbnail

Tiverio Mirror

Product Description - Simple yet complex, the angled appearance of this linear mirror frame adds unexpected visual interest. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3703-0000

Product Price - 480.00 $

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Cornell Mirror Thumbnail

Cornell Mirror

Product Description - The unique shape of this classic mirror is enhanced with Mayan gold accents. A perfect fit for a wide range of decors. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MP3882-0014

Product Price - 470.00 $

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Fremont Mirror Thumbnail

Fremont Mirror

Product Description - This hand-applied mosaic mirror frame begs to be examined close up. It can suit transitional and Contemporary Decor. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG4510-0000

Product Price - 422.00 $

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Dovecliff Mirror Thumbnail

Dovecliff Mirror

Product Description - The organic appeal of intertwined twigs on the border will suit lodge, rustic, and nature-inspired dEcor. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MP1908-0082

Product Price - 410.00 $

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Abstract Cut Stone Design Multi-Dimensional Mirror Thumbnail

Abstract Cut Stone Design Multi-Dimensional Mirror

Product Description - This multi-dimensional mirror frame is able to suit rustic, natural, and contemporary environments with its abstract cut stone design. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4854-0018

Product Price - 384.00 $

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This Beveled Mirror Has Appealing Leaf Patterned Frame Thumbnail

This Beveled Mirror Has Appealing Leaf Patterned Frame

Product Description - The combination of Antique Silver, Matte Gold, and Ebony make the detailed pattern on this mirror frame stand out. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4094C-0031

Product Price - 384.00 $

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Canal St. Mirror Thumbnail

Canal St. Mirror

Product Description - The scalloped edges on this beveled mirror allow it to be used in contemporary rooms as well as transitional. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4088-0017

Product Price - 384.00 $

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Lyddington Mirror Thumbnail

Lyddington Mirror

Product Description - The simple elegance of this Black Silver beveled mirror with Gold trim allows it to be used in traditional, masculine, and transitional decor. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4034-0024

Product Price - 384.00 $

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Consenzio Mirror Thumbnail

Consenzio Mirror

Product Description - Going in circles has never looked more appealing. A series of small oval-shaped clear mirrors are layered to create a free-form work of art. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3705-0000

Product Price - 384.00 $

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Glenroy Mirror Thumbnail

Glenroy Mirror

Product Description - The Victorian carved wood pattern is enriched by glints of bronze and gold on the frame. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW6300A-0043

Product Price - 364.00 $

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Colebrook Mirror Thumbnail

Colebrook Mirror

Product Description - Steeped in tradition with intricate detail on the frame, this beveled mirror makes a grand statement wherever it is placed. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW5600A-0070

Product Price - 356.00 $

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Silvana Mirror Thumbnail

Silvana Mirror

Product Description - The distinctive nine-section drape design on the frame with rosette accents transforms this mirror into functional wall art. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW0255-0049

Product Price - 346.00 $

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Kemmora Mirror Thumbnail

Kemmora Mirror

Product Description - Contemporary circles in varying sizes distinquish this modern beveled mirror with subtle sophistication. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MM7886-0151

Product Price - 346.00 $

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Orveta Mirror Thumbnail

Orveta Mirror

Product Description - Captured circles arranged in a free-form pattern add distinction and whimsical flair to this contemporary mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW7888-0018

Product Price - 336.00 $

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Edward III Inspired Mirror Thumbnail

Edward III Inspired Mirror

Product Description - Elegant and stately, this finely detailed frame brings regal sophistication to an Edward III - inspired design. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MP3259-0010

Product Price - 336.00 $

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Caley Mirror Thumbnail

Caley Mirror

Product Description - A classic design with a contemporary twist brings an airy appearance to this romantic mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG5969-0001

Product Price - 336.00 $

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Darcey Mirror Thumbnail

Darcey Mirror

Product Description - Roman Gold rope accents against a walnut frame offers timeless appeal for this traditional-style beveled Mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4053A-0036

Product Price - 316.00 $

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Pitney Mirror Thumbnail

Pitney Mirror

Product Description - An architectural step frame adds visual interest to the clean, simple lines of this beveled mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW2900A-0069

Product Price - 308.00 $

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Clyburn Oval Mirror Thumbnail

Clyburn Oval Mirror

Product Description - The French classic beveled mirror can visually affect the appearance of a room. The handsome black and silver motif adds subtle sophistication. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW1640A-0074

Product Price - 288.00 $

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Argus Mirror Thumbnail

Argus Mirror

Product Description - A delicate METAL FRAME starburst overlaid on a beveled mirror background provides visual intrigue to this contemporary piece of wall art. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW1556-0004

Product Price - 288.00 $

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Ambrose Mirror Thumbnail

Ambrose Mirror

Product Description - The contemporary look of inlaid hand-applied mosaic is paired against a traditional carved patterned frame, making it appropriate for several decor schemes. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG4030-0078

Product Price - 288.00 $

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Bosworth Mirror Thumbnail

Bosworth Mirror

Product Description - The bold rectilinear frame allows this mirror to suit decors from traditional to transitional and even contemporary. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MG3292-0000

Product Price - 288.00 $

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Kingsdale Mirror Thumbnail

Kingsdale Mirror

Product Description - This Empire period frame makes a powerful design statement with understated elegance. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW5800C-0044

Product Price - 268.00 $

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Barnett Mirror Thumbnail

Barnett Mirror

Product Description - Inspired by turn-of-the-century crown molding, this beveled mirror is ideal for traditional decor. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4074A-0039

Product Price - 268.00 $

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OReiley Mirror Thumbnail

OReiley Mirror

Product Description - An aged finish adds to the charm of this mirror inspired by those found in Old English pubs. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4015A-0036

Product Price - 268.00 $

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Clyburn Round Mirror Thumbnail

Clyburn Round Mirror

Product Description - Equally suited for contemporary or transitional decor, the aged silver finish on this traditionally shaped beveled mirror provides a touch of elegance. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW2640B-0049

Product Price - 268.00 $

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Attra Mirror Thumbnail

Attra Mirror

Product Description - Classic contemporary might sound like an oxymoron, but the sculptured knife edge grooves on this frame can truly enhance both traditional and modern environments. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW0137-0091

Product Price - 250.00 $

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Skyler Mirror Thumbnail

Skyler Mirror

Product Description - The beauty of intricate scroll work in a Rustic Gold pattern underscores the elegance of this traditional design with four beveled mirrors. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4104-0023

Product Price - 240.00 $

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Latrobe Mirror Thumbnail

Latrobe Mirror

Product Description - With a frame patterned after Edward III, this mirror offers contemporary elements that can suit transitional as well as traditional environments. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MM3465-0016

Product Price - 240.00 $

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Beacon Street Mirror Thumbnail

Beacon Street Mirror

Product Description - With a nod to the architecture of New Orleans, this 19th Century timeless design can easily adapt to a variety of classic decors. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4508B-0027

Product Price - 230.00 $

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Parnell Mirror Thumbnail

Parnell Mirror

Product Description - The Carved Ripple pattern is at home in a relaxed traditional room, but equally comfortable in more rustic surroundings. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4049-0022

Product Price - 230.00 $

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Ballora Mirror Thumbnail

Ballora Mirror

Product Description - This figure eight crested oval mirror is contemporary, and yet traditional, in its simplicity. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW0191-0147

Product Price - 230.00 $

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Sheldon Mirror Thumbnail

Sheldon Mirror

Product Description - Clean, linear lines and a versatile Shining Silver and Gold Mist finish allow this beveled mirror to complement many environments. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4069A-0057

Product Price - 220.00 $

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Monahan Mirror Thumbnail

Monahan Mirror

Product Description - The British Barley Twist Carved Wood mirror frame looks as comfortable in English country manor as it would be in a rustic or Western motif. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW2050C-0047

Product Price - 212.00 $

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Serrenta Mirror Thumbnail

Serrenta Mirror

Product Description - This abstract design is a contemporary chameleon that can resemble a kaleidoscope view or even be interpreted as a flower. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW8215-0047

Product Price - 208.00 $

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Edison Mirror Thumbnail

Edison Mirror

Product Description - The Distressed Medium Bronze frame offers a casual look that creates an informal traditional mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW1100A-0056

Product Price - 192.00 $

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Whitfield II Mirror Thumbnail

Whitfield II Mirror

Product Description - Featuring a two-tone finish, this sleek mirror design offers the maximum amount of surface area. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4056-0025

Product Price - 164.00 $

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Whitfield I Mirror Thumbnail

Whitfield I Mirror

Product Description - The two-tone black and silver finish brings a masculine touch to this timeless beveled mirror. {more}

Brand - Mirror Masters
Model - MW4056-0024

Product Price - 164.00 $

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