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Supreme Edition Authentic Stormtrooper Costume Thumbnail

Supreme Edition Authentic Stormtrooper Costume

Product Description - When you enlist in the Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers, not only do you get a sweet suit of armor, but you'll also get to travel to exotic locations like the Second Moon of Endor, Hoth and Tatooine. You'll get to use a blaster and feel like a big shot and you might even get to take on important missions for the Empire, like guarding the newest secret space station. The only real risk is that you might become blaster fodder for the Rebel Alliance and the armor that is provided seems to have a slight weakness against rocks and boulders. But hey, no risk, no reward, right? At least the armor makes you look cool while you're getting totally owned by Ewoks.ATTENTION CUSTOMERS:This product cannot be shipped in its original box to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Guadeloupe, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand or Ukraine. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909866-ST

Product Price - 999.99 $

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Supreme Edition Boba Fett Costume Thumbnail

Supreme Edition Boba Fett Costume

Product Description - You don't even want to know what we had to go through to get Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor. Since Jabba's untimely death, tracking the guy down is nearly impossible. We checked in the stomach of the Sarlacc on Tatooine and on Bespin. Then, after a few more false leads, we finally found him on Coruscant. Anyways, to make a long story short, a few Pazaak games later and some really unlucky cards for Boba, we came into possession of some top notch bounty hunting gear, which we might just be willing to part with. (We're really not cut out for the bounty hunting business). It comes complete with helmet, armor and a jet pack. We're still keeping Slave I though. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909863-ST

Product Price - 999.99 $

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Supreme Edition Shadow Trooper Costume Thumbnail

Supreme Edition Shadow Trooper Costume

Product Description - Some soldiers just don't fit into the endless Stormtrooper squads who couldn't hit the top side of a Star Destroyer at point blank with their blasters!Those special Empire soldiers are drafted into the ranks of the Shadow Stormtroopers, merciless fighters with unparalleled skill in military maneuvers. If these guys had been defending the Death Star, Luke Skywalker's destiny would have ended the minute he stepped foot outside of the Millennium Falcon. While most of us were happy to see Luke fulfill his destiny, those of us on the Dark Side would have liked to have seen a few more Shadow Stormtroopers in his path.If you wanted to be one of those Shadow Stormtroopers, then this authentic, officially licensed Star Wars costume is for you! This costume is 100% polyester with plastic armor. The black, full-body jumpsuit zips in the front for easy on and off. The molded plastic armor pieces cover the jumpsuit. This includes pieces for the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, thighs, and shins. This costume even comes with the molded armor codpiece and a molded plastic belt. The armor attaches to the jumpsuit with Velcro and the chest piece has elastic straps for a secure fit. Also included is a canister that attaches to the belt and black gloves to give it added detail. Finish off the look with the collector s Shadow Stormtrooper helmet, which is made from a single-piece mold and has slits at the mouth for ventilation and a black tinted visor. Get ready for the Star Wars this Halloween with this authentic and unique costume! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909881-XL

Product Price - 949.99 $

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Plus Size Authentic Darth Vader Costume Thumbnail

Plus Size Authentic Darth Vader Costume

Product Description - The path to the Dark Side is a long one. It's filled with tragedy, anger, fear and the intense desire for power, but at the end, you usually get to wear a really cool set of armor. Of course, we don't think you need to lose loved ones and decimate the entire Jedi Order to wear a really awesome costume. This Plus Size Authentic Darth Vader Costume fully recreates the look from the Star Wars Trilogy and all you have to do to wear it is order it. We thought about making anyone who tries ordering it go through an intense battle against Obi-Wan Kenobi, but it turns out he's really busy being a Force ghost these days. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU810412-PL

Product Price - 899.99 $

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Supreme Edition Iron Man Costume Thumbnail

Supreme Edition Iron Man Costume

Product Description - You've probably heard the corny line about dressing for the job you want. Well, the job that we wanted was superhero thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and little comic book character named Iron Man. That leaves us with a bit of a dilemma. In order to dress for the job we want, we'd need to construct a super hi-tech suit of armor. That takes Tony Stark level I.Q. and the bankroll of a billionaire. So, what's an aspiring hero to do?Well, now there's another way. This Supreme Edition Iron Man costume brings the realistic look of Iron Man's super suit into a costume that you can wear without crafting super-genius level technology. The costume includes a black jumpsuit with gold metallic shorts that look like armor. Hard molded plastic pieces compose the armor pieces, which fit over the arms, legs and chest. The armor pieces come with padding on the interior to provide a comfortable and snug fit. The helmet and gauntlets have light up effects and sounds, perfect for acquiring the exact appearance of the Marvel hero. And since it's a Supreme Edition costume, it looks great as a display piece when you're done applying for that superhero position you've been dreaming of.Of course, we have to warn you that this costume does NOT come with Arc Reactor technology, so if you try starting a rumble the Crimson Dynamo, things will get pretty ugly. It will, however, have you feeling heroic enough to join the Avengers! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU810409-ST

Product Price - 899.99 $

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Collectors Batman Costume Thumbnail

Collectors Batman Costume

Product Description - It s your 10-year-old s birthday, and there s only one thing he wants: the latest ultimate Batman action figure. It s the most popular toy in the country, and all of your son s friends already have it. He s talked of nothing else in the three months that it s been out, and your wife has made it very clear that you had better pick it up or bad things will happen.You waved off her concerns for the past few days, assuring her you d swing by the toy store on the way home from work the day before the boy s birthday party. But now here you stand, in the toy store, in the action figure aisle, and panic is starting to rise up inside you. There s no Batman action figure. The whole aisle has been wiped out. You have no present. No present means one distraught kid. One distraught kid means one angry wife. And one angry wife means one very, very sad you.You have to think quick. Your son wants a Batman figurine, so you ve got to find a Batman figurine. But it can t be just any cheap plastic action figureit s got to be at least as cool as the one that he s seen on TV for weeks without end.Don t worry, budwe ve got you covered! Just buy this DC Collectors Batman Costume. It s not only an action figureit s the ultimate action figure, towering a good five and a half feet taller than any other action figure available at the toy store. The action figures your son s friends are playing with will look pitifully puny when he shows up with this life-sized, totally authentic DC Collectors Batman Costume.The DC Collectors Batman Costume comes with the classic Batman outfit, which includes a long black sleeved shirt with the Bat symbol on the chest, black pants, a yellow utility belt, black gauntlets with spikes on the sides, black boot covers, a black satin cape and a mask with an attached cowl. Not only that, it also comes with easy-to-attach foam muscles to make sure your Batman looks nearly as impressive as the real thing. Your kid will be the envy of the playground! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909876-ST

Product Price - 799.99 $

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Adult Collectors Superman Costume Thumbnail

Adult Collectors Superman Costume

Product Description - There are Superman fans and then there are Superman fansthose fanatical fans who eat, drink and sleep constantly thinking of the Last Son of Krypton. Ever since you saw Christopher Reeve turn back time by flying really fast around the world and reversing its orbit, you ve been hopelessly devoted to the Man of Tomorrow. Whether in his campy 1940s cartoon phase or his angsty 2013 Man of Steel phase, he has always been your favorite superheroreally, the only super hero you even acknowledge.For years, you ve tirelessly and zealously collected every bit of Superman memorabilia you could find, no matter how strange or unusual: Superman Crazy Foam, the Superman Super Hopper Pogo Stick, Superman underwear, Superman cheese (yes, these are all real products you can really buy)But of course, the bread and butter of your collection has always been your action figures. You have Supermans (Supermen?) from every show, every movie, every comic appearance Verily, you ve managed to amass such a giant collection that there might be no more versions of Superman to add to your collection. And that s a troubling, heartbreaking thought.But wait! There is one more Superman action figure that you can buyand it s sure to be the biggest draw of your entire collection literally. It s the Ultimate Collector s Edition Superman Costume, and it s sure to stand out in any collection. This officially licensed life-sized Superman action figure comes with a standard blue Superman form-fitting stretch shirt and tights with elastic footies, as well as a heavy red cape with an embroidered Superman symbol. There is also a molded latex chest piece with foam lining, foam biceps, red molded foam trunks with blue foam thighs and red molded foam boot covers. A yellow latex belt finishes off the look.Just imagine all the fun you can have playing with this life-sized toy! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909865-ST

Product Price - 799.99 $

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Belial the Demon Red Mask Thumbnail

Belial the Demon Red Mask

Product Description - There s a reason that people tend to gravitate to bad guys. Sure, they re evil, but they re also seductive, funny, exciting, and lots of fun! Being good is admirable, but honestly, it s kind of boring, too. What s the fun if you never bend a rule or take a risk? You can t walk the straight and narrow your whole life Well, maybe you can, but it will be a really dull walk.It s no wonder that people love the loveable rogue or the suave super villain or even the devil himself. Think about all the ways the devil has been portrayed lately. Usually, he s weirdly appealing, right? We mean, he s the Lord of Flies and the Prince of Darkness and all that jazz, but he still seems like a fun guy to party with.If you want to capture a bit of that charming evil, start with this Belial the Demon Red Mask. Belial can be found in all sorts of stories and is a notable character in the Diablo videogame series. This soft, flexible silicone mask covers the entire head and neck and features exquisite molded details of reptile scales and horns. Hand-painted details add stunning realism. Show off your inner demon for Halloween! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - CFSMBEL01-ST

Product Price - 699.99 $

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Authentic Darth Vader Costume Thumbnail

Authentic Darth Vader Costume

Product Description - There are really only two ways to become the deadly Sith Lord responsible for the collapse of the Jedi Order. You could spend years training as a Jedi, then walk a troubled path between light and dark before you finally snap and end up hunting down any Jedi who opposes you, only to be defeated by your former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then, you'll finally be reconstructed as a mechanical-humanoid hybrid by order of Emperor Palpatine. The other option, which we think is a lot safer, is to just gear up in a replica Darth Vader costume, fully recreated from the Star Wars movies. Sure, it might lack the suspense of all that other stuff, but who really wants to get stranded on Mustafar, burning alive with most of their limbs chopped off by a lightsaber? Trust us, just get the licensed outfit instead.ATTENTION CUSTOMERS:This product cannot be shipped in its original box to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Guadeloupe, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia or Singapore, Lithuania, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand or Ukraine. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909877-M

Product Price - 599.99 $

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Authentic Limited Edition KISS Gene Simmons Demon Mask Thumbnail

Authentic Limited Edition KISS Gene Simmons Demon Mask

Product Description - Everyone dreams of being a rock star, standing on that stage with an axe bass in your hands while a crowd of adoring fans roar your name. For rock and roll god, Gene Simmons, it's life. For members of the KISS Army, it's an often repeated fantasy. You never thought it would be possible, but what if you could turn that dream into reality? What if you could really become The Demon himself? Now, with this Limited Edition Demon Mask, you can truly transform into the rock icon like never before.Each Authentic Limited Edition Silicone Demon Mask has been hand-crafted by talented makeup artists and special effects sculptors working in the film industry, faithfully recreating Gene Simmons' face, hair, and flesh with masterful detail and accuracy. Made from authentic silicone material that mimics both the texture and visual appeal of real skin, this KISS mask stretches to fit most sizes and is nigh indistinguishable from the real rock star's iconic look. With only 200 masks ever made, this Gene Simmons mask will remain an incredibly rare and legendary piece to possess in any KISS collection. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FUN6089-ST

Product Price - 499.99 $

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Dark Knight Authentic Batman Costume Thumbnail

Dark Knight Authentic Batman Costume

Product Description - Bruce Wayne used to fight crime wearing a black ski-mask and some mountain climbing gear he had lying around. All it took was a few mishaps around Gotham City for him to realize that he needed a better way to fight crime--not only something that could withstand the strains of combat with thugs, but something that would strike terror into the hearts of criminals all throughout the city. The Batsuit was born. We're just glad that this Dark Knight decided to do something other than a set of flashy spandex, like some other heroes do. Batman went with black full body armor, which we have to say, is much better looking than that whole underwear-on-the-outside look (we're looking at you Superman). This costume replicates the look seen in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies, so you can fight crime in something other than a ski-mask that makes you look like one of the criminals you're trying to stop, and spandex, which makes you look like you're off to do some jazzercising at the gym. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU56311-L

Product Price - 499.99 $

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Adult Grand Heritage Deadpool Costume Thumbnail

Adult Grand Heritage Deadpool Costume

Product Description - Please don't make the super suit green... or animated!Don't worry, Wade, we got the memo. No green, no fake glowing muscles and no boring plot lines that involve a tentacle cloud-rock-monster thing that floats around through space. How about something with tons of red, so enemies can't see you bleeding, mixed in with a little black so people won't mistake you for Spider-Man? That's exactly how Deadpool likes it and that's exactly how this Deadpool costume does it. That's how you like it too, isn't it you cheeky little devil?Don't worry, we have your best style interests in mind! This Grand Heritage series isn't your granddad's superhero costume. Seriously, it's not your granddad's costume, so don't go calling your poor grandpa up on the phone to ask him about this Deadpool costume. He doesn't have it. We do, so if you want it, you got to talk to us. The high quality costume has more accessories and details than you can shake a stick at, although, why you'd shake a stick at a costume is beyond us. The red jumpsuit does a smashing job of capturing the Merc with a Mouth's deadly style. The included belts, gloves, pads and buckles are an awesome touch, completing the look. It will probably make you feel like mouthing off to Colossus or making jokes about Patrick Stewart (or John McAvoy, take your pick). The costume fits with a zipper in the back, so you may need to get a friend (preferably one named Weasel) to help you suit up for some deadly merc action.Once you're all suited up in it, you might be wondering to yourself, What's the first thing I should do while dressed as Deadpool. That's easy. You go grocery shopping in it. You're going to need a lot of chimichangas if you plan on being Marvel's craziest comic character. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU811000-ST

Product Price - 499.99 $

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Captain America Grand Heritage Mens Costume Thumbnail

Captain America Grand Heritage Mens Costume

Product Description - This is a Captain America Grand Heritage Men's Costume. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU810581-ST

Product Price - 399.99 $

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Adult Authentic Bumblebee Costume Thumbnail

Adult Authentic Bumblebee Costume

Product Description - Back in the 80s, you probably fell in love with all the varied options of animated heroes, from the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Power Rangers. You likely played off for long hours which was your favorite and who you wanted to be most. What weapons were your favorite? Or perhaps just the best color options. But, when the Transformers came to town, suddenly the choices expanded! Now there were colors and transformative options! The choices were simply too much!Now, things have certainly changed a bit over the years. The new releases of the Transformers have given things a crazy realistic turn and some nuanced changes to the heroes we grew up with. But, that Sam Witwicky shouldn t be the only guy on the block with the opportunity to hang out with those awesome Autobots! Now, that hot looking Camaro might only be able to chat through the radio, now, but that doesn t in any way diminish how fantastic our favorite Bumbleboxing Bumblebee is while he s working to save the galaxy from the Deceptacons. And, it is time for you to aid in the war!But, don t worry we re not expecting you to be the guy who calls himself LadiesMan217. Heck, no. You are going to step into the role of hero with this Authentic Bumblebee costume w/ Vacuform. This polyester spandex jumpsuit fastens with hook and hoop connectors and have mech-print throughout to give you that Camero-on-the-Scene and combat-ready look. Molded plastic armor pieces attach to the jumpsuit via hooks and the molded helmet fits easily and features light-up eyes for that mystically enchanted Allspark look. So finely detailed, you might even forget that you started the day as a flesh and blood mortal so just be careful when you run into those heroic moments! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - DI28527-XL

Product Price - 399.99 $

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Adult Authentic Optimus Prime Costume Thumbnail

Adult Authentic Optimus Prime Costume

Product Description - If you grew up in the 80s, you knew that you had no end of the list of possible characters that you wanted to be. When asked which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, the choice was always so difficult. Did you like katanas or the bo staff more? Did it come down to blue versus red? Or, how about asking which Power Ranger was your ideal? Was it always a battle between the brave leadership of the Red Power Ranger or did the mystery and awesome moves of the Blue Ranger have you going that route? And that is only two shows and only two characters from each!? The choices were simply too much!But, then the question came about the Transformers. Which Transformer did you want to be? Well, that was hardly a tough question to answer. The leader of the Autobots, of course! The wise and mighty Optimus Prime was not only the ideal candidate for leadership but had all the strength of the rest of them, maybe combined! And, if there is any question, it is worth noting that, for once, you didn t have to choose between red and blue because Optimus was both!It is time to retrofit yourself back in time and get ready to Roll Out! with this Adult Authentic Optimus Prime Costume w/ Vacuform Armor. This is a true gem, folks. This jumpsuit is perfectly crafted to look like robotic machinery in a way that could only have been done by the grace of Primus and the All-Spark. Polyfoam is strategically used throughout to give you the bulk and powerful shoulders, upper arms, chest, and lower legs. The jumpsuit hands are enclosed as mighty gloves and the chest features windshield details so as to ready yourself for transformation. The mighty sword attaches under your gauntlet and shows the bright yellow runed blade and, finally, your grand helmet lights up. See through the eyes of a Prime and take down those who would ruin the world! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - DI28526-XL

Product Price - 399.99 $

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Adult Authentic Batgirl Costume Thumbnail

Adult Authentic Batgirl Costume

Product Description - Enough of all the Batmen in the world. Ugh. Like we haven't seen that costume before. Does anyone else feel like you run into a Batman on every single street corner? It's like, "hey kid, stop hanging around in alleys". Right? Fortunately, we can move on past Batman and delve into the richer characters of Gotham. While we're at it, let's kick Robin to the road too. Batgirl, now that's a superhero. Before she was Oracle she was Batgirl. Before she was Batgirl, she was sweet Barbara Gordon. And guess what? She kicks butt no matter what role she's in. Sound familiar? Maybe like someone you know? Maybe someone you see in the mirror?That's right! Don't deny it, you kick some serious butt. You're a do-gooder, a powerful woman ready to protect the innocent and fight for justice. That's why you're here, to assume this great mantle. The weight of your duty as Batgirl is heavy, much heavier than the costume itself. But you're strong, ready to wear it, ready to spread those bat wings and fly out on your own. For justice!It doesn't hurt that the costume looks great on you. That jumpsuit with its back zipper hugs you in the right places and those arm gauntlets are perfect for showing off your strength. You don't just still in fear in the criminal underworld, but envy too. They can't help but admire how well you pull off that cape. Face it, Batman might be the money of the whole Bat-family, but you're the talent, you're the brawn, and you're most certainly the beauty (sorry, Robin). So suit up, Batgirl. Gotham needs you! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU90972-S

Product Price - 389.99 $

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Adult Groot Creature Reacher Costume Thumbnail

Adult Groot Creature Reacher Costume

Product Description - While you're wearing this costume, no matter what is asked of you... the response should always be, "I am Groot." If someone asks you who ate the last of the cheesecake, you should say, "I am Groot!" And if anyone asks you if you're one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you can give them a polite nod and show them your cool glowing spores. Awesome! Just don't try and save everyone by sacrificing yourself and make us cry again. Seriously... weep fest in the theater. Big mess.This deluxe adult costume will be the perfect way to become the hulking Groot from the hit Marvel franchise. With the patented oversized Creature Reacher extended hands, and the detailed latex molded mask, you'll have no trouble becoming the alien superhero who looks an awful lot like a tree. But even when you have a costume this good, it's still gonna be on you to not break character. At least you only have to remember three words! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU68597-ST

Product Price - 349.99 $

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Plus Size Old Time Santa Costume Thumbnail

Plus Size Old Time Santa Costume

Product Description - Ever hear of the phrase, two birds with one stone? Well with this Plus Size Traditional Santa Costume you will be able to knock two holidays right out of the park. You can first wear it around on Halloween and run around as a reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. Then, when we finally turn that corner and snow has covered everything, you can go around and make all the neighborhood kids' dreams come true when they get to meet jolly ole Saint Nick! This Traditional Santa Costume perfectly resembles the Claus we all know and love from the bedtime stories read to us by our parents on the Eve before Christmas. You will look like you just flew into town straight from the North pole. When others see you walking around looking like Father Christmas they may ask if they can feed your reindeer a couple of carrots, and who knows maybe if you play your cards right you can score some free milk and cookies! Don't be surprised when you sit down to relax if children attempt to climb up on your lap in order to tell you about all the presents they want this year, just be a good sport about it. Make sure to let out a hardy 'ho-ho-ho' before sending them on their way. So if you think you have the guts to portray the legendary Kris Kringle (Boy, does Santy have a ton of nicknames!) then suit up with this Old Time Santa Costume! Make sure to bring the illusion to life with a merry laugh, and by having plenty of silly stories about the elves in your workshop prepared! Everyone will wonder what it's like living up in the winter wonderland we call the North Pole! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FU7517-PL

Product Price - 339.99 $

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Authentic Replica Chewbacca Costume Thumbnail

Authentic Replica Chewbacca Costume

Product Description - Everyone knows it s not wise to upset a Wookiee. Well, almost everyone, but usually if someone does make that mistake they learn their lesson pretty quickly either with a stern roar in their face or by getting their arms ripped out of their sockets.We re not sure how often that last one happens, but it sounds like a very effective way for a Wookiee to get their point across. Luckily, Chewbacca usually prefers roaring and growling over dismemberment, so he s a lot easier to get along with, which is great because he sure is a good dude to have on your side in a firefight! He s also pretty handy with a hydrospanner, because someone has got to keep the Falcon running while Han Solo is out chatting up other smugglers and flirting with Princess LeiaNobody is going to even think about upsetting you when you are decked out in this Chewbacca Costume Authentic Replica. In fact, don t be surprised if everyone forgets you aren t really Chewie! This full body jumpsuit is covered head to toe in shaggy synthetic faux fur to resemble the scruffy style Wookiees are so fond of. Matching separate furry latex gloves and foot covers allow for better freedom of movement while seamlessly blending with the bodysuit, and the latex mask has eye and ventilation holes for comfort. Throw on the included bandolier and satchel accessory and you ll be ready for your next smuggling run. Remember to keep your distance, but don t look like you re trying to keep your distance. Just fly casual! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU909878-XL

Product Price - 324.99 $

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Deluxe Old Time Santa Costume Thumbnail

Deluxe Old Time Santa Costume

Product Description - Good old Saint Nick. He makes toys all year long in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, and what does he get in return? Two things: the knowledge that he makes a lot of good boys and girls very happy, and several thousand tons of milk and cookies. We will leave the matter of which is better, charity or cookies, to debate, but in Santa s case it s fortunate that he doesn t have to choose one over the other.We all know and love Santa s signature look. But did you know that Santa s suit does more than just make him recognizable? Have you ever flown at several times the speed of sound at high altitudes in an open sleigh in December? It gets a little chilly, to say the least. That s why Santa opts for all that extra fluff on his suit s trim. Furthermore, visibility is always a factor. The last thing Santa would want while he s en route to El Paso is to have an unfortunate run-in with a jumbo jet. Fortunately, his rich red suit is very visible to pilots, and they swerve away accordingly. This might upset the first class passengers drinks, but they all understand that Christmas is more important than their Rob Roys.With the brilliant and detailed Deluxe Old Time Santa Costume, even the skeptics will know in their hearts that they just met the legend himself. From the intricate belt to the suede-like boot tops, no accent is spared in this ultimate Santa outfit. The looks on their faces when they see you in this will make you smile ear to ear -- and the cookies they give you won t hurt either! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FU7507-ST

Product Price - 318.99 $

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Authentic Gene Simmons Demon Costume Thumbnail

Authentic Gene Simmons Demon Costume

Product Description - He's the man with the tongue that's gonna rock you all nite long! Just be sure that you're ready to party everyday because no other lifestyle's going to be accepted here!When you sell over 100 million albums you better have the rockstar look down to a science! That bad boy can go from just wailing with a hit like 'Shout it Out Loud' then switch to a nice slow, lighter-waving ballad like 'Beth' all while looking like a bat outta hell! Okay so maybe we all can't be the killer rockstars from the band KISS let alone their fearless leader, Gene Simmons. We've got day jobs and even though we'll tell you that our job s a party all the time, we're pretty sure selling awesome costumes wasn't quite what he was singing about. (We've currently got a song in the works EXACTLY about that and it's gonna be big.) But maybe every once in awhile you can pull out this bad boy and go absolutely crazy! This costume comes with everything you need to rock all night long. It starts with the faux leather body suit that has inseams and hip cutouts that are edged with strips of studded faux leather. The matching faux leather vest has stretch knit seams with underarm cutouts. Don t forget about the signature codpiece that fastens with Velcro and nylon straps. The matching wings give this costume the stunning feature it needs to stand out in any crowd. Top it all off with the stretch knit gloves and faux leather choker! Next time you're heading out to Detroit Rock City be don't forget your Authentic Gene Simmons Demon Costume. Also don't forget to practicethat could be a little embarrassing, and even the best of the rockstars still rehearse beforehand. The only requirement for this crazy costume is you never stop rocking! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - KIS7201-S/M

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Grand Heritage Dark Knight Batman Costume Thumbnail

Grand Heritage Dark Knight Batman Costume

Product Description - Gotham City is a dangerous place, rife with mobs and corruption in the city government. Banks get robbed in broad daylight, and the citizens are frozen in fear of what could happen next. Only one mysterious man stands up for what's right, and that man dresses like a bat. Suit up in this Grand Heritage Batman Costume, from the epic superhero movie The Dark Knight, and become the hero your city deserves!The mobsters of Gotham are so vicious and well-connected, the cops can't get any dirt on them without breaking the law, themselves. That's where Batman comes in, since he's ready to do whatever it takes to find the evidence that can really put the mafia away for good. (no matter how many broken ribs or dog bites he gets) But when Batman's shadowy acts inspire a criminal mastermind like The Joker to play his own twisted games with the city, the Dark Knight will have to put his detective and fighting skills to the test to stop him! It won't be easy, but pushing on no matter how tough things get is what separates the real Batman from the posers. That, and the real Bat doesn t wear hockey pads.You won't be wearing hockey pads either when you don this highly detailed costume! It's modeled to look like the state of the art battle armor that Batman wears while he's brawling with The Joker and his henchmen. This costume includes everything you'll need to look as fearsome as the Dark Knight, so all you need to do is decide if you want to take The Tumbler or the Bat-pod to the Halloween party! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU56309-S

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Ghostbusters Grand Heritage Adult Costume Thumbnail

Ghostbusters Grand Heritage Adult Costume

Product Description - Let's face it. Everyone wants to be a Ghostbuster. Once you see Peter Venkman slinging wisecracks to city officials, while having an unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped onto his back, well, no other career path really measures up to it.Of course, becoming a real Ghostbuster is no easy task. Aside from having a strong knowledge of paranormal activity and a razor sharp wit, you'll need all the proper equipment and a top notch outfit to be just like Bill Murray's signature character from the movie. Unfortunately, we're not experts on paranormal activity and we just sold out of our series of how-to classes on razor sharp wit, but we do, however, carry some pretty excellent costumes based on the movie series and this Grand Heritage Ghostbusters costume is exactly the start you need to become a true member of the team!This Ghostbusters costume is Grand Heritage's take on the Ghostbusters uniform. The costume includes a set of full-body coveralls, like the ones worn by all the main characters in the 1984 film. The coveralls have a zipper in front for quick and easy fitting. With plenty of zipper pockets along the chest, sleeves and legs, it has enough room to store any number of ghost-hunting gadgets. The classic name patch is attached to the front to add an authentic touch to the look. Of course, no Ghostbuster is ready for action with a Proton Pack, which this Grand Heritage costume comes with. The pack is molded into the shape of the pack worn by Venkman, Spengler, Stantz and Zeddemore. It straps on your back like a backpack, so you can be ready to hit the Ecto-1 in no time! Of course, the pack doesn't shoot a real charged particle beam, so it's entirely for decoration. In other words, don't try shooting a real ghost with it, because that's just a shortcut to getting slimed! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU820131-ST

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Inflatable Reaper and Carriage with Sound Thumbnail

Inflatable Reaper and Carriage with Sound

Product Description - A Tale to TerrifyWe all know the one about Cinderella and the pumpkin carriage. A less popular story, much less exciting for little princesses everywhere, is the one starring the Grim Reaper and the haunted Jack-o-Lantern. Yes, there's still a ball involved but the premise is closer to Poe's Masque of the Red Death rather than the fairy tale we all grew up with. And while there were still ladies wearing pretty gowns twirling around with princes and dignitaries to orchestra music, the events that happened when the clock struck midnight created an entirely different ending to the tale! While you might not want to tell this sinister story at bedtime, displaying this spooky image in your yard is sure to make an impression on the neighborhood! This creepy carriage with its intimidating driver hints at a terrifying tale that both young and old will have to fill in with their imaginations. And you know that's where the devilish details lurk!Product DetailsAt seven feet tall, this Halloween display is sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone who dares pass. It leaves quite an impression during the day but it gets even better, the pumpkin flaunts swirling strands of light at night so that it can be seen from far off. While the site of this inflatable display is enough to be the talk of Halloween night, it also plays creepy noises and taunts, inviting people who can't yet see your yard's ghastly visitor to investigate the creepy noises. The display is scary, to be sure, but the cartoonish skeleton face of the driver and the bright orange of the pumpkin, carefully stay on the side of playful so that the smallest trick-or-treaters can get to your door with only a delightfully frightened squeal. Ticket to RideThere's no way we would hop into this pumpkin carriage, even if we had a golden ticket to your ride. But we would be delighted to have this carriage stop in our neighborhood just for a delightful case of the heebie-jeebies. How about you, do you need a ride? {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - SU56707G-ST

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Adult Authentic Robin Costume

Product Description - So you just moved to Gotham City, and you re hearing a lot about this Batman guy. You ve seen some of his handiwork, and you gotta say, you re pretty impressed. We know what you re thinking, you d love to be that guy s sidekick, his backup as he cleans up the streets for all the good people of the city you now love.There s only one problem: Batman works alone. Luckily, you have a couple of options if you still really really want to get on his (usually) one-man team: you can have your acrobat parents get murdered by one of Batman s nemeses (but this seems pretty gruesome, and besides, your parents are peacefully enjoying their retirement in Boca); you can use your super sleuth skills to figure out that Batman is really billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (but, you don t have super sleuth work in IT); or, you can wear this Adult Authentic Robin Costume and fight crime on your own until Batman brings you under his...wing. We think the last idea is the best one. In this officially licensed Robin outfit, you ll feel just like the Caped Crusader s apprentice every time your black cape flows dramatically behind you. This suit has foam muscle armor pieces (to accentuate how much you ve been hitting the gym lately), and the bright red emblem across the chest will make sure that Batman himself will notice your arrival on the scene.We re sure that in no time at all, you ll be brought into the famous Batcave, introduced to Alfred, and be allowed to sit in (though never actually drive) the Batmobile. You can thank us later, after you re done saving the city a handful of times. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU90971-L

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Replica Helmet by Anovos Thumbnail

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Replica Helmet by Anovos

Product Description - When you follow a guy like Darth Sidious, you need all the latest armor and gear because you never know when you'll have to rush into battle against that pesky Resistance. While the First Order may not be as big and powerful as the Empire once was, its going places. This replica helmet is a shining example of their overarching strength. Wear it with pride as you battle Jedi, Wookies, or even a stray Sarlacc should you find yourself stranded on the desolate Tatooine -- good luck with that one!This gleaming white helmet has an internal harness system and forehead padding for comfort in battle. The blackened visor allows you to see your enemies while fighting glare, and the side ventilation holes allow plenty of air in. It's officially licensed no matter what Han Solo claims and, while Stormtroopers are not often seen without their helmets, you could display this proudly on a shelf. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes

Product Price - 299.99 $

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Plus Size Premiere Santa Suit Costume Thumbnail

Plus Size Premiere Santa Suit Costume

Product Description - Here s a funny story: Santa stopped by our offices a few years ago. Trust us, we were as surprised then as you probably are reading this. Nevertheless, he walked in and handed us a few little trinkets and very nice little gifts (except for Murphy, who got a lump of coal for always taking the last bit of coffee and never making a fresh pot). Slowly, however, it dawned on us that he had something he needed to get off his chest. He complained that we didn t have any Santa costumes for sale. Sure, we had elf costumes and reindeer costumes, and ugly Christmas sweaters. We had Santa hats and tons of bells and ribbons; but he was right, we didn t have any full Santa costumes. Classy Santa costumes. How could we have missed such an important and crucial outfit? Well, needless to say we got right to working on this Plus Size Premiere Santa Suit. And you know what? We re pretty darn proud of it. Even the big guy himself said it was a job well done. He complimented our craftsmanship and the use of luxe materials: the warm red coat with faux fur lined trim, the black belt with the iconic golden buckle, the boots that are sturdy enough to travel around the world, and of course, the snow-white gloves that will keep your hands warm, in even at the North Pole. Show Mr. Claus the love he deserves and don his holly, jolly look. Bring joy and festivities to all your loved ones, young and old, and help Santa recoup some of that self-esteem our oversight undoubtedly caused him. He probably won t forget the kind act. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FUN2048PL-4X

Product Price - 268.99 $

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Mens Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Batman Costume

Product Description - Do you love Batman, but prefer the darker, gritter Caped Crusader over the more cartoonish or tactical look he sports in many of the movies? Then suit up in this amazing Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Batman Costume, and you'll look as menacing and formidable as the Dark Knight does in the superhero epic Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice!The Bat has had so many different looks over the decades, we doubt even Bruce Wayne's highly trained mind and detective skills could list them all without forgetting a couple. The good part about that, though, is there is a bat-style for practically every fan to love; and one of our all-time favorites is definitely the tough, brooding suit Batman wears in Frank Miller's classic series The Dark Knight Returns. That version of the bat-suit did away with armor and high tech gadgets altogether, and our hero relied on his sheer brawn and trusty utility belt to fight his battles! So naturally, we're huge fans of the suit in Batman V. Superman, which follows the same concept, and shows off just how much of a musclebound fighting machine The Bat really is!This awesome, officially licensed costume from the Grand Heritage collection gives off plenty of dark, gritty vibes to go with your superhero look! It features high quality stitching and printed detailing, and the suit is padded to give you Batman's muscular physique. It also includes a cape, cowl mask, and a utility belt with molded plastic details attached for added authenticity. It's the perfect superhero look for any Halloween party, or even for putting together your very own Justice League! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU820075-ST

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Premiere Santa Suit Costume Thumbnail

Premiere Santa Suit Costume

Product Description - Are you looking to be the jolliest St. Nick anyone has ever seen this Christmas? Well, you can t be the best without this Premiere Santa Suit! We made it right here with the same amount of love and care Santa s helpers put into the wonderful toys they make for all the boys and girls in the world.Once you slip into this fantastic costume you ll be ready to help make children s dreams come true. Every kid hopes of one day sneaking up on Santa the night before Christmas and seeing him put the presents beneath the tree. Well now with this premier costume, you can help children all around the world finally meet the big man in red. One thing that every child wants is to be heard and when they have Santa listening to the Christmas wish list it will be a dream come true! Children are also very curious so you ll want to make sure your North Pole knowledge is on point. Also, coming up with a few funny anecdotes about the elves and reindeer wouldn t hurt. Remember if any of the kids ask who gives you the best tasting cookies that you tell them it s Mrs. Clause. One because that s what the real Santa would say and two because that will prevent any jealousy from starting amongst the crowds of children.Ho! Ho! Ho! This Premier Santa Suit has everything you ll need to make a truly memorable Christmas. All you need to complete the transformation is an amazingly fluffy white beard. So either start growing yours out now or take a look at the selection of beard accessories we have available. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FUN2048AD-L

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Womens Radiant Ringmaster Costume Thumbnail

Womens Radiant Ringmaster Costume

Product Description - Things can get pretty wild around Halloween. All the zany creatures and crazies come out to play. There is almost no sense of order. If you re anything like us you need at least a little bit of order to get through the day. Sure, lunacy is fun but it is super helpful to have a bit of method to balance out the madness. That can be your job this year. All you need to do is grab this Women s Radiant Ringmaster Costume!Once you slip into this astounding outfit you will be a perfect balance between elegant and sassy. Everyone will want to join your traveling circus. You ll have lions jumping through hoops of fire and bears riding on unicycles. Clowns will be lining up left and right for a chance to make you laugh and acrobats will be swinging all around you in hopes of catching your attention. But your attention can only be bought by the best of the best. So let them have their fun this Halloween while you have your own. Hit the dance floor and show everyone exactly why the circus promoted you to top dog in the ring. Not only is it your radiant sense of fashion, but also your insane ability to entertain and get the crowds going!Grab a pair of fashionable boots to add to this attire along with a pair of thigh-high stockings to complete this costume. You ll be the most radiant ringmaster anyone has ever seen and be ready to command a circus of any size this Halloween. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RO4419-M

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Giggles the Clown Creature Reacher Costume Thumbnail

Giggles the Clown Creature Reacher Costume

Product Description - Huh... We're not sure what to... Huh... Um, sir? Mr... Giggles, is it? Listen, it's not that we're not happy to have you here at this kids birthday party. We're thrilled! It's great to have some outside entertainment for the kids. They get so cooped up in the house, watching whatever they find on Netflix, or absorbed into some video game. So, of course, we want them to see some real-life entertainment. It's just that... Well, honestly we expected something a little bit more, how do we say this? Kid friendly? And it seems, based on your appearance, that you lean more toward the kid terrifying side of the spectrum. Is that accurate?"So maybe... Well, this is so awkward since we've already paid, but maybe you could do some balloon animals! Do you do balloon animals? No, a human skull isn't an animal. Any magic tricks you could do? No, pulling a human skull out of your hat is not a magic trick. Okay, maybe we're going the wrong direction. How about some slapstick? Any good pratfalls? No, slipping on a human skull is most certainly not a pratfall. Listen, why don't you keep the money and just spend some time on yourself, huh? Go out, get a massage, maybe a well-deserved and well-needed manicure? Yes, we're absolutely sure. No, please don't come back later tonight. We're happy with your performance. Definitely getting a five-star review on Yelp. Just... just forget our address, would you?"If your goal is to create a lifelong fear of clowns in anyone who sees you, this is the costume you've been waiting for. It features a long tattered looking shirt with bells attached, long monster arms with a handle for creepy movement, and an oversized clown mask. Go ahead and keep clowning around, just don't try attending any kids birthday parties. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU73234-ST

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Adult Ghostbusters Grand Heritage Plus Size Costume Thumbnail

Adult Ghostbusters Grand Heritage Plus Size Costume

Product Description - 1984 was a good year. Magnum P.I. Was solving cases on the television. Prince Harry came into the world over in jolly old England and, of course, the greatest movie ever made hit the silver screen. Obviously, we're talking about Ghostbusters. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson hit gold when they made that movie. And the costumes? Brilliant! As costume enthusiasts we have to hand it to them for creating such iconic outfits and props. So, you got to believe we got some high quality recreations of Venkman's signature costume.This Ghostbusters Grand Heritage costume is a high quality plus size costume based on the one worn by Peter Venkman in the 1984 film. The main costume is a singe-piece coverall jumpsuit that zips in the front. And holy moley does this thing have pockets. It has zipper pockets on the sleeves, the chest and on the legs, so you can store all sorts of ghost catching equipment inside of them.The costume also comes with a molded backpack designed to look like an unlicensed nuclear accelerator! Of course, such equipment is dangerous, so we can't actually sell you a real Proton Pack, but this molded replica one does look great with the authentic costume, so you'll look ready to rumble with any ghastly apparition that's hanging out in your neighborhood. Once you've put the whole ensemble together, it'll be time to call up Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore to save the day from all those nasty ghosts once again! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU17994-2X

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Gruesome Bat Creature Reacher Costume Thumbnail

Gruesome Bat Creature Reacher Costume

Product Description - Gruesome is the perfect word for this costume. This isn't just a giant bat costume. This is a giant bat costume if the bat was hit with some gamma radiation and started mutating uncontrollably. Like we said: gruesome. This bat is seriously unwell. He shows up at a party and all his bat friends are really uncomfortable. It's obvious that gruesome bat has gotten into some really dark trouble lately, been running with some bad crowds and his luck is running out, things are catching up with him. But he just shrugs it off, saying he just hasn't been sleeping well lately. Yeah right, gruesome bat! Look at you! Your mouth could eat a subway five dollar footlong vertically! That's not natural, man. Seriously, you need to get help. Your hands look like you've got some serious CDC-level gout, man. Your ears look like you stole them off an elephant. Oh and your eyes are glowing orange with evil. We think you're going through some messed up things, gruesome bat. That's why this is your intervention.Fortunately, gruesome bat isn't real, he's just a costume. Because if he was real, obviously his friends would have organized an intervention already. But you can rest assured that when you put on this costume, you won't be confronted by concerned bats. Instead, you'll be confronted by screaming, frightened people, convinced that a giant, mutated bat is about to eat them. Which is good, because scaring people away is much better than dealing with a bunch of concerned bats. You don't even speak bat, so how awkward would that be, right? Take care of yourself, gruesome bat. You'll be good as new soon enough. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU73106-ST

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Imperial Guard Helmet Thumbnail

Imperial Guard Helmet

Product Description - The Red that's an intimidating security force. They were first implemented by Palpatine after he was elected Supreme Chancellor. The red blended in with Palpatine's office, and their quiet yet dangerous look was a massive tool in showing the imposing force of the empire. To be one of these guards, you'd have to be the best, being chosen out of millions of other soliders. Not only did they have to be great soliders, but they needed to have unconditional loyalty to the empire and to Palpatine. His word was unquestioned.Which makes sense, because otherwise, don't you think they'd stick around right before the big fight with Vader and Luke? Don't you think it crossed their minds that maybe, just maybe, they should hang around in case Palpatine needed backup? Well, they didn't question his orders and left the room and ended up leaving Palpatine in a vulnerable position of getting thrown down a ventilation shaft by Vader. We think the Imperial Guard is pretty cool, especially their uniforms. They're imposing and mysterious. Just check out that narrow visor on this helmet. Gives you chills...Now, if you were thinking of becoming one of these elite soliders for Halloween, this officially licensed Imperial Guard Helmet is a must have. Add this helmet to the red robes that the guard wore, and don't forget to get your wielded force pike, and a heavy blaster hidden under your robe. That will ensure that you're ready to protect this empire this Halloween... {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU65019-ST

Product Price - 249.99 $

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Mens Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Superman Costume Thumbnail

Mens Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Superman Costume

Product Description - You weren t sent here from the planet Krypton, and you certainly do not get any kind of superpowers from our yellow sun. And last we checked, you can t fly, you don t have super speed or super strength, and you definitely can t shoot lasers from your eyes.But none of that means you don t care about saving our planet! You recycle and compost, you drive a low emission car but try to bike or walk everywhere you go, heck, back in 2010 you even went down to the gulf to help clean up the oil that made its way all way to shore. You know what, by our standards you are a superhero, so this Halloween, why not don the get up of the best defender of Earth of all time, Superman himself? We think you deserve it. In this Grand Heritage Dawn of Justice Superman Costume, you ll take on the exact look of the protector of truth, justice, and all that from the Zack Snyder film, Batman v. Superman. The high quality detailing in the molded and painted latex Superman logo and full jumpsuit will make you feel right at home as the alter ego of the Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.Our only bit of advice: just watch out for that Batman, because he does seem to have it out for you. Being Superman isn t an easy life, but you re the kind of person who takes whatever road leads to the right thing to do. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU820074-ST

Product Price - 249.99 $

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The Exorcist Lifesize Regan Thumbnail

The Exorcist Lifesize Regan

Product Description - Don't let the fact that this nice young lady is possessed by a demon, and possibly the devil himself, bother you. Because everyone deserves a good "forever" home, no matter who controls their soul. Sure, she might be a little messy (you might have noticed the green stains on the nighty... but we promise it's just pea soup!), but little Regan McNeil is a real live wire. She's really talkative and likes to sing (though she only knows the "Tubular Bells" theme from The Exorcist, and only speaks in quotes from the movie). So let her into your home... and your heart... by making this Exorcist Lifesize Regan part of your home decor!Nothing says "conversation starter" quite like this head-turner of a statue, which stands five feet tall. And we mean the "head-turning" part literally. Because Regan's head spins around just like Linda Blair's did in the movie, and the eyes light up for a terrifying glow-in-the-dark effect. And once your friends are done being terrified, they'll enjoy hearing quotes and music from The Exorcist come out of this creepy-as-heck statue. We recommend putting it in the guest bedroom when you have company over... they'll love it! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - FOM36842-ST

Product Price - 239.99 $

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 Lifesize Animated Pennywise Thumbnail

Lifesize Animated Pennywise

Product Description - There are few things that are more terrifying than an evil clown. Lets see if we can name a few. Okay, here we go...immersing ourselves in the most frightening things we can think of. The apocalypse. The world after...some disaster, has destroyed life as we know it. Spiders. Oh, the spiders. We don't even need to talk about them. And ABBA. Just say no to the Dancing Queen.But, back to clowns. Horrifying. The way their faces are masked with white paint, and their weird hair that spikes out at all angles. This Lifesize Animated Pennywise is sure to freak out any one who comes in your home. Sure he might not get the same screech as someone who just saw a spider, but it is enough to cause send shivers down the spine of anyone who sees his eyes light up, arms wave, and hears the phrases he says in the movie IT. Just, hope that he doesn t start singing Dancing Queen. If that happened we would never be able to sleep again. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - MDM37763-ST

Product Price - 239.99 $

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Womens Miss Jessica Corset Costume Thumbnail

Womens Miss Jessica Corset Costume

Product Description - Nothing like growing up in Toontown, where basically any crazy thing can happen at any time. Want to drive through that wall? Paint a hole in it! Want to blow up a cartoon duck? The duck's beak spins around and he's fine! You can even jump off a building. Once you hit the pavement you're flat as a pancake, but just grab a bicycle pump (Acme brand, of course) and reinflate yourself and you're good as new. Toontown sounds pretty fun. Except for those weasel guys. Ugh, everyone hates it when those guys show up. And don't even get us started on the Dip! Judge Doom is a whole new level of evil. Guy gives us the creeps. But the very best part of Toontown might be the one and only Jessica Rabbit. Va-va-va-voom! Unfortunately, she's taken."What does Jessica see in Roger, anyway?" It's what everyone wonders, right? What a ridiculous question. Roger is a hilarious, fun, goofy toon who, while also being kind of an idiot, loves to laugh. Of course Jessica finds him irresistible. She's so bored with all the typical men and their typical wandering eyes. They just see a piece of meat, they don't see her. Roger's different. But still, well... look at her. She's gorgeous. You can't help but stare when a woman can sparkle with so much shine and take everyone's breath away. Have all eyes on you when you walk into a room, whether a nightclub or a PI's office. Just don't let frisky toons try any pat-a-cake. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - DTTD403-S

Product Price - 239.99 $

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Womens Siren of the Sea Costume Thumbnail

Womens Siren of the Sea Costume

Product Description - Halloween is coming up and a lot of people are going to be running around as supernatural creatures from all sorts of different myths and legends. You can bet that you ll see werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and many varieties of demons. People will be trying to dress up as the scariest versions of these creatures but you don t need to worry about being the most horrifying. No, you ll be the most radiant mythological beast swimming through the party scene this year. All you need is this Women s Siren of the Sea Costume.A siren is a creature very similar to a mermaid. One key difference between the two is that while mermaids tend to be helpful towards humans, sirens enjoy luring sailors to their demise. Also, another quick difference lies in the appearance of each creature. Mermaids have always been half-human and half-fish but the depiction of a siren has been that as well as half-human and half-bird With this costume, however, you will be the aquatic version of this creature from Greek mythology. Now the sirens were always notorious for causing sailors to crash their ships into rocks by distracting them with a beautiful singing voice. So you may want work on your pipes if you want to properly depict these infamous beauties of the sea.This costume comes with a glamorous corset and a V-shaped skirt with a lovely fin to cover your feet. If you want to swim the extra mile then you can even take a look at the many colorful wigs we have in stock to complete this mystical transformation. When you enter the party in this costume you ll leave everyone like fish out of water, breathless! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RO4352-M

Product Price - 239.99 $

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Animated Ghostly Gentleman  Thumbnail

Animated Ghostly Gentleman

Product Description - So your Halloween ball has the reputation of being the premier go-to spot on All Hallow's Eve. Congratulations! When all of the ghouls, ghosts and goblin show up at your shindig, you'll be able to revel in throwing the most spooktacular event of the town. Enchant your guests when you set up this Ghostly Gentleman as your greeter. With his animated action, he'll let your guests know that they've arrived at the right spot. He can usher them in and you'll be able to stay assured that he won't whisk them away to the underworld. Because we're still not sure what happened to Ken and Betty after they disappeared with guy you hired last year! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - MDM37792-ST

Product Price - 229.99 $

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Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Force FX Lightsaber Thumbnail

Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Force FX Lightsaber

Product Description - Fuuuuuushooooooooom! Did you just get chills? We did. We know that sound! Someone somewhere just powered up their lightsaber. It could be for a duel to the death over lava or a floating city! To escape a chamber you've been locked in. Or to silence some insubordinate villain at the local cantina.Whatever the reason, we know you want one. Nay, you need one, especially if you are defending yourself from enemies across the galaxy. And what better weapon to do that with than the lightsaber? And this? This is the lightsaber of the Sith Master himself, Darth Vader. This Darth Vader Deluxe Force FX LIghtsaber makes the noises. It lights up. It comes with a display stand so you can put it on out for all to envy. Just, watch your hands. These things have a bad track record with hands. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes

Product Price - 229.99 $

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Grand Heritage Elvis Costume Thumbnail

Grand Heritage Elvis Costume

Product Description - Just a hunk, a hunk of burning loveHas Elvis left the building? No, wait the King of Rock and Roll just got here and he s YOU! You ll definitely get everybody All Shook Up when you show up at the Halloween party this year in our Adult Deluxe Elvis Presley Costume. It has everything you need to turn yourself into the legendary rock superstar, except maybe the Blue Suede Shoes. You ll look so much like Elvis when he performed on the Aloha from Hawaii tour, people will be expecting you to start belting out The King s classics, like Heartbreak Hotel and Jailhouse Rock. But what if you don t actually have the voice of Elvis? Well, That s All Right! This costume will take you from Teddy Bear to Burning Love in the time it takes to zip up the jumpsuit. It ll practically give you all of Elvis good looks, sensuality, charisma and maybe even some hip-centric dance moves. (After all, everybody is dying to see them since Ed Sullivan only showed Elvis dancing from the waist up on his show.) The white, long sleeved, spandex jumpsuit has an open chest (of course) with gold, blue and red faux gems twinkling all over the torso. There s a red neck scarf (to toss to young fans when they scream, Love Me Tender) and matching red insets at the bell bottoms. The white belt has red embellishments, gold chains and a pendant with with gold eagles. Now, you Hound Dog, pick up one of our Elvis wigs and get those hips in motion! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU56238-M

Product Price - 219.99 $

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Versailles Vampiress Costume Thumbnail

Versailles Vampiress Costume

Product Description - Nobility and regal stylings are the virtual definition of the past ages of Versailles, though there are dark stories whispered about events that have long happened behind the castle walls tales of a beautiful countess or queen that has never aged a day and horrifying rumors of people gone missing upon being granted a private audience. The mysterious whispers make dangerous bets about what happens to those who come to visit this dark noblewoman. Surely, they traveled elsewhere right?Oh, how you offer dark smiles upon hearing such tales, for only you know the true secret. Only you know how the sunlight has become a dangerous affront to your power. Only you know how long you will hold the mighty throne of the Sun Palace of Versailles or what you do to ensure that you will maintain your seat of power. Of course, what fool would challenge you?Offer your willing (and fearful) subjects a visage of your glory in this Versailles Vampiress costume. Don the dark gown complete with luxurious black satin bows that run down the front and a black lace petticoat, bowed out as per your elegant style, yet still simple to slip into. Show off the elegant sleeves that hold their place flawlessly thanks to comfortable elastic bands. Complete the look with the subtle reminder of your dark power in the form of a skull cameo choker and of course, some freshly sharpened fangs. Oh, Noble Majesty, have mercy on we simple plebeians! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - IN1083-L

Product Price - 219.99 $

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Plus Size Viking Warrior Costume Thumbnail

Plus Size Viking Warrior Costume

Product Description - It s a good day to go raiding but then isn t EVERY day? That means every good Viking needs to be always at the ready to strike terror into the hearts of the ones they battle and conquer. Rowing up in a swift ship will help, but what will really make your tendency for treachery known is your terrifying appearance.You ll want there to be no question that you mean business in battle, and that when it comes time for splitting the plunder, all the prizes will be yours. And, in the unlikely case you end up finding yourself standing at the doors of Valhalla, you will need to be dressed to impress so Odin will be convinced you re worthy of letting in to join the eternal banqueting hall.We ve read the runes to find an easy way for you to transform yourself into a fearsome Viking, so you can focus on the more important things in life, like looting. The gods answered in the form of this Plus Size Viking Warrior Costume, which has everything you need to complete the formidable look down to the very last detail. Your tunic and cape are trimmed in faux fur to remind everyone you re a true hunter. The belt and ornaments on the cape have authentic Viking style. Faux fur boot covers will keep your feet warm as you bring the ship to shore. The horned helmed and sword will make the settlers will scatter after just one look (only you will know they re plastic). Let the marauding begin skol! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - IN5027-2X

Product Price - 219.99 $

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Adult X-Wing Pilot Grand Heritage Costume Thumbnail

Adult X-Wing Pilot Grand Heritage Costume

Product Description - The Rebel Alliance needs a brave pilot to give the Death Star a special delivery of steaming hot proton torpedos. Are you ready? This Adult X-Wing Pilot Grand Heritage Costume fully recreates the bright orange flight suit worn by the likes of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles from the Star Wars: A New Hope. It comes complete with everything you need to become a top X-Wing ace. Of course, X-Wings haven't been invented in this galaxy yet, so you may have to practice your ace piloting skills in your car while you wait for technology to catch up to Star Wars! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - RU810963-XL

Product Price - 219.99 $

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Plus Size Jolly Ole St. Nick Costume Thumbnail

Plus Size Jolly Ole St. Nick Costume

Product Description - Look, no one wants to talk about it, and we can tell that it’s bringing you down, so we’re just gonna say it - getting older at Christmas is rough! You spend your whole childhood getting all the attention and presents…almost everything about Christmas is about filling you with laughter and joy, making visions of sugarplum visions dance in your head, and filing you with shock and awe on Christmas morning. That’s heady stuff! Jesus might be the reason for the season, but otherwise, it was a whole holiday that was basically built around us! And you liked it. We all liked it. It was the best.But then, all of a sudden, it’s like we hit maturity and suddenly everyone’s all, “Should we keep exchanging gifts? What if we just give presents to the kids?” And you’re all like, “HECK NO! I look forward to opening these presents all year! And now you just wanna take that away from me?!” It’s like…what happened? How did your one special holiday start going so wrong? What’s a guy to do to get a little bit of that Christmas magic back?!Easy: Become the real star of the show! That’s right - get a lil’ bit of that sweet, sweet holiday spotlight by sliding right into this Plus Size Jolly Ole St. Nick Costume! With the luxurious velvet and faux fur costume. You’ll be hitching your sleigh right back into that coveted position of feeling like Christmas was made just for you! {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - IN55003-3X

Product Price - 209.99 $

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Heavenly Angel Costume Thumbnail

Heavenly Angel Costume

Product Description - Look as if you just descended from Heaven in our Heavenly Angel Costume. You will be a beautiful sight in white, looking truly angelic in this costume. We may be biased but we do think it's one of the most beautiful costumes out there. I mean, just look at it, you can't really disagree. What could be more beautiful than an heavenly angel?You'll become a visionary while you don our floor length gorgeous angel white dress with gold accents. Looking just as angels do in the movies, you will have a beautiful, classical look that includes both the large white organza, gold laced wings and a gold tinsel covered wire halo. These largely wonderful wings slide right into slots in the back of your dress to look as if you are the real deal. You will look truly heavenly when you wear this Heavenly Angel Costume! This costume can be worn for a variety of occasions, wear it for a Christmas program or even for Halloween. Whatever the case, you are sure to be the star of the show. You can even leave the wings and halo at home and the dress could become a renaissance or ancient goddess costume. The possibilities are endless! You will be turning heads everywhere no matter which route you decide to take with how ravishing you will look in this Heavenly Angel Costume. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - IN51012-XL

Product Price - 199.99 $

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Assassins Creed Arno Dorian Deluxe Costume Thumbnail

Assassins Creed Arno Dorian Deluxe Costume

Product Description - If you're like us, you probably wish that you could take the fun of your favorite videogames wherever you go. But since a lot of great videogame costumes are only possible in virtual reality, that can be a tall order. If you're a fan of Assassin's Creed: Unity, however, your days of not wearing a revolutionary outfit like this will soon be nothing more than a genetic memory!Because wearing this amazing Arno Dorian Deluxe Costume is about as close as you can get to playing the game in real life, unless you want to spend a lot of time in prison. And since the guards won't let you wear this detailed official outfit while you're behind bars, we're fairly certain that you'll limit your criminal activities to misdemeanors like expertly scaling the sheer facades of historic buildings, or performing awesome rooftop leaps and rolls across the city. We hope we don't have to tell you how dangerous that is, or how awesome it would look on camera!But don't worry: everyone is going to experience the dark foreboding that comes from a glimpse of a hooded figure in a sleek tailcoat like that, even if you choose to keep your feet on the ground and leave your deadly weapons at home. Which we also recommend, since there are enough of those floating around already. But there aren't many highly-detailed costume sets like this, so we recommend snatching one up as soon as possible! You might not get to take another stab at it. {more}

Brand - HalloweenCostumes
Model - LEAS85353-XL

Product Price - 199.99 $

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