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Gigi Pro Kit 1

Product Description - What it is:GiGi Pro 1 Kit is a complete and professional hair removal system that contains everything necessary to get a perfect wax, whether it be in a salon or right from home. It includes an array of pre & post treatments, waxes, a professional warmer and instructional materials.What it does: No need to go to the salon again, now you can do all your waxing right at home Complete hair removal system Contains everything a pro stylist needs Features an array of pre and post treatments, lotions, waxes, and a warmerWhat else you need to know: IncludesIncludes instructional DVD to get you started, 14-ounce English warmer, 14-ounce container ofAll Purpose Honee, 14-ounce container of Facial Honee, 20 petite Spanish applicators, 20 small applicators, 20 large Accu Edge applicators, 50 small Natural Muslin strips, 50 lmall Natural Muslin strips, 4 ounces of Pre Hon, 3.25 ounces of pre epilation dusting powder, 4 ounces of post epilation lotion, 2 ounces of Wax Off, 4 ounces of Pos Wax Cooling Gel, 4 ounces of post wax concealer, 4 ounces of Slow Grow, 4 ounces of Sure Clean, 3 Rest Bars, 10, 14-ounce collars, 1 technical manual, 1 instructional DVD, 1 window decal, 2 facial hair removal strips, 2 body hair removal stripsProduct Options Available are as follows: Size : 24 pc Set - Gigi Pro Kit 1 {more}

Brand - Gigi Wax Hair Removal
Model - gig38-pro-kit

Product Price - 125.00 $

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GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

Product Description - GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit is the ideal starter kit for the novice or the price conscious professional. The kit contains all the necessary wax and lotions for a complete professional service. When you are ready to expand your salon menu to include profitable waxing services, the GiGi Mini Pro Kit is the perfect choice. PRODUCT INCLUDES: Wax warmer with cover, 14 oz. Crème Wax, 14 oz. Applicators, 10 Petite Accu Edge Applicators, 10 Sm Accu Edge Applicators, 10 Lg Natural Muslin Strips, 30 Sm Natural Muslin Strips, 30 Lg Pre Hon, 2 oz. Post Epilation Lotion, 2 oz. Post Wax Cooling Gel, 2 oz. Post Wax Concealer, 2 oz. Slow Grow, 2 oz. Sure Clean, 2 oz. Rest Bars, 3 Collars, 5 in 14 oz. Technical Manual, 1 Window Decal, 1Product Options Available are as follows: Option: Mini Pro Kit - GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit {more}

Brand - Gigi Wax Hair Removal
Model - 60001-mini-pro-kit

Product Price - 65.00 $

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Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

Product Description - What it is: Brazilian Waxing is one of the hottest profit centers in today's salon market.What it does: GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit is a complete hair removal system that provides everything needed to perform a Brazilian waxing service, featuring a wax warmer, Brazilian Hard Wax and other waxing essentials.Includes: 1 Wax Warmer Brazilian Hard Wax 14 oz Pre Epilation Oil 2 oz. Post Wax Cooling Gel 2 oz 10 Small Accu Edge Applicators 10 Large Accu Edge Applicators 1 Brazilian Waxing Instructional DVD Product Options Available are as follows: Option: Waxing Kit - Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit {more}

Brand - Gigi Wax Hair Removal
Model - gig34-braz-wax

Product Price - 54.95 $

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GiGi Student Starter Kit

Product Description - What is this product? The GiGi Student Starter Kit is a complete kit of professional grade products created for the student esthetician. The kit contains everything a student needs to practice and perform a complete waxing service.More info: A complete system for fast, efficient, gentle hair removal, Thinner film with lower melting temperature, Gentle enough for delicate areas, Simple to use, Microwave formula, Ready to use in minutes, Home or salon use. Kit Contains: Wax Warmer 14 oz, Pre Hon 4 oz, Pre Epilation, Powder 2.5 oz, Wax Off 4 oz, Slow Grow 4 oz, 10 Petite Applicators, 10 Small Accu Edge Applicators, 20 Small Natural Muslin Strips, 20 Large Natural Muslin Strips.Product Options Available are as follows: Option: Starter Kit - GiGi Student Starter Kit {more}

Brand - Gigi Wax Hair Removal
Model - gig08-starter-kit

Product Price - 49.95 $

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GiGi Wax Warmer 0225

Product Description - Gigi Wax Warmer 448505, Item 0225, warms all types of waxes. Accommodates most wax containers and contains a see-through cover that prevents wax contamination. This Gigi economy warmer is a multi-wax warmer for the price conscious professional or consumer. The warmer melts all kinds of wax and features a temperature control knob and indicator.Product Options Available are as follows: Option: Warmer 0225 - GiGi Wax Warmer 0225 {more}

Brand - Gigi Wax Hair Removal
Model - 16811-Warmer-0225

Product Price - 34.95 $

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